Download a burning permit here

Am I in the Burn Ban Area? Click Here for Map

Before burning, please make sure you are not in the permanent no burn area (areas within the boundaries shown in red on the map at the top of page link) , pick up a burn permit (no cost) at a fire station near you and call SW Clean Air Agency (SWCAA) (1-800-633-0709).

Outdoor burning is NOT permitted from July 15 through September 30 each year. All burn permits will be rescinded between these dates. Check with SWCAA before resuming outdoor burning after September 30 for any updated information in your area. Burn Barrels are ILLEGAL and are prohibited AT ALL TIMES and it is ILLEGAL to burn Garbage.

Outdoor burning is burning of household yard waste, such as leaves, grass, brush and other yard trimmings. It is also burning to clear land of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation. If your pile is greater than 10' x 10', you must contact SWCAA and apply for a permit. The permit available on this website will not be valid for any burn pile that is greater than 10' x 10'.

You can be fined for each violation (up to $10,000) and may be held responsible for the cost of putting out the fire which can be thousands of dollars.

Complaints about outdoor burning can be done by phone through SWCAA. After-hour complaints will be followed up on the next business day. (1-800-633-0709)

Recreational fires under 3'x3'x2' are still allowed in all of Cowlitz County without a permit. Only charcoal or seasoned firewood (no lumber) may be used as fuel for a recreational fire. Recreational fires must be used solely for recreational purposes and may not be used for disposal of yard debris or any other material. Recreational fires may not cause a smoke or odor nuisance to surrounding properties and may be subject to seasonal fire safety burn bans.